iPhone Trends, Brikk lux iPhone 6

The Los Angeles-based designer and producer of high-class accessories Brikk has started out the order guides for the fiercely expected The apple company iPhone 6 smart phone.
The iPhone 6 is predicted to first overall look at mid-September. Prices of the smart phone range from $4,495 for a coated device, all the way to $8,395 for a design with The apple company logo emblazoned in gemstones. A $500 down payment will protected you an iPhone 6 with 4.7” display and 128GB of built-in memory. Available in 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold, and pure platinum. 

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Mobile cases for gents

Unlike girls, boys or men usually like sober mobile phone cases. they use the colors which instead of enhancing their appearance, enhance their personality. They usually like leather or other dull colors unlike girls who choose funky and attractive colors. Men concentrate more on their decent personality instead off becoming showy like girls, this is the reason they are strong inside though in my opinion. I have selected some unique Pouches and mobile cases for men. Have a look and give us a feedback if you find them suitable for use…

mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (1) mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (2) mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (3) mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (4) mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends-5.jpg mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (6) mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (7) mobile-cases-for-guys-www.fashionends (8)

Mobile cases for girls

Go to Google, search for mobile cases for girls and you will see nothing else than colors. There will be more things like jewelry than mobile cases. Some girls think that there mobile phone is there little sister or their cute friend and they start decorating it in a way they do themselves. Some girls think that their mobile is their personal clutch so they keep it the way they keep their clutch-attractive.  Girls think that their mobile phone is a fashion accessory and treat it the same way. Here are some unique and fashionable mobile phone cases for my crazy girl fellows.


cool-iphone-4-cases-for-girls-www.fashionends (2) cool-iphone-4s-cases-for-girls-www.fashionends.com mobile-cases-for-girls-www.fashionends (1) mobile-cases-for-girls-www.fashionends (2) mobile-cases-for-girls-www.fashionends (3)